Thursday, January 31, 2013

Painting Texture Digitally and Other Tips

Wednesday in class, i shared a couple of my "secrets" to digital texture with some of the class. I figured I should post links to my blog tutorials so anyone who wants to can have a look. This post gives links to my top instructional posts:

The Painting With Texture in Photoshop post has actually been one of my all time most popular posts and this breakthrough was a mind blower in my learning to paint digitally.

I also invite everyone to follow my blog and dig through some of the 400+ past postings.

Project 2 Progress, James Gardner

This is the thumbnail I picked for Project 2.  It gives an idea of the concept, composition and values i am going for.

I did another drawing to tighten up some details, changed squirrel to a hawk etc.  I will be painting over this traditionally first, and then I will scan it and finish digitally.  I am still using the thumbnail as a value guide, because I didn't want to spend forever filling in exact values in the drawing that I will just paint over.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

James Gardner Project 1: Sea Monsters

Emily Hurst - Project 1

Travel Poster for the Alps- Kelsey Datwyler with revisions

Revised and finished product:

Melissa Manwill, Assignment 1

Here we have the Gorgon sisters (WIP), and two website illustrations I did for Clara Tales - I really didn't have control over the colors for the main page (the tree) so I just chose to show the color combo I would use if the client weren't so picky. The second website image is a page for viewing the videos on Clara Tales. Each picture frame will have the name of the video in it, and when you click on the frame, the video pops up.

Rebecca Sorge Project One

(this version was uploaded in class. As soon as I uploaded the original I realized the values were in need of help)

Alyssa Tallent - Project 1

Horsin' Around

Stephanie Leonard - Project 1

This was the watercolor before digital alterations:

hana lee - project 1: don't cry billy

this is based on a limerick by edward lear and a song lyric (
how is your life today?) by porcupine tree:

the limerick:
there was an old man of kildare,
who climbed into a very old chair;
when he said, --"here i stay,--
till the end of my days,"
that immovable man of kildare.

Spencer Hawkes project 1

here's the ink drawing scan

and digital color


Chelsea Dalton: Project 1

Alyssa Scott- Project 1

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Normandie Project 1: Syrian Hyenas

Sarah Bowthorpe project1

This assignment was really fun, but challenging. I started out trying to do it traditionally, but it didn't work so well. I ended up going to vectors, but tried doing it somewhat differently than I have in the past. This way of working was highly experimental for me and I'm still trying to figure out this style, so suggestions and ideas are welcome!

And in case anyone was interested, this is what the acrylic painting looked like before I gave up and decided to do it digitally: