Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick Paint Over

McKinsey, after thinking about your question of how to show more light in your previous post, I thought I'd do a really quick paint over of your piece just to give you an idea of how you might solve the problem. Bear in mind that this is just my interpretation of how I might solve it, and your solution might look different. I pulled it into Photoshop and did a little work with color dodge and then just painted over the upper area, simplifying the swirl shapes a bit and reducing texture to get a more fog like feel. Softening the edges of the swirl shapes makes it feel more like fog as well. I increased the key of the upper half of the painting to feel much brighter. There wasn't much of a feel of light mostly because the glowing rocks were not illuminating much of anything. Also, I tried to solve the "floating hands" issue by letting them recede into the mist a bit. Hope that gives you a couple of ideas on how you might make adjustments to improve the feeling of light. Let me know if you have any questions


  1. I think that this is working really nicely, I think that your revisions improved it and you can really sense the glow.

  2. I agree! It tells the story so much better! It's looking great!

  3. FYI- based on the last comments, just wanted to make sure you all know that this version is just an instructor suggested paint over. I am sure Mckinsey will solve the issue with her own great style.


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