Friday, February 1, 2013

Sarah Bowthorpe-edits/progress

I made some changes to my monster picture according to comments in the critique. I wasn't able to change it as much as I wanted before the monster show, but this is what I was able to do in the time I had:

My next project is pretty complicated but I've been making slow and steady progress. (Speaking of slow and steady...)

Here were my first few steps.... first, the original Escher image which I was inspired by. Next, I experimented with many different shapes and positions of a tortoise and a hare to find one that would work. I brought this sketch into the computer in order to regularize the shapes.

Next, I figured out what I wanted the "finished" tortoise and hare to look like, then I put those shapes together in the tile pattern I wanted in the final. Then I found what the central tile/tesselation would have to look like and put that together in the same shape. 

Next, I'm going to have to figure out the transitions between all the shapes. I have a feeling that this is where the REAL headache will begin...

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  1. looking good so far and good luck! Don't get too much of a headache. I will be interested to see how you solve the transition.


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