Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colt Bowden SLCC poster mock ups

Ok, so for assignment 2 I ended up getting a call back from the Richter 7 guys to do the SLCC poster. Since I am partial alumni to SLCC (1 semester and some high school college credit there.. woot! )  It was a fun one. They had a very open range of what they could do, and we ended up going with a loose fun and zany look.  I haven't drawn eyeballs bulging out of a face in a verrrrrrrry long time... so it was gratifying to have fun with this one.

There still may be some different treatments to the background, I'm still waiting to hear back on the final say, but this is what we have so far >>


  1. Very Fun stuff Colt. Glad you ended up with the gig! I love the expressions on both of the balls and the rough graphic quality to the drawing.

  2. I love them! You were the perfect guy for the job.


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