Saturday, March 2, 2013

Drawing for Next Project, James Gardner

This is my drawing for the next project. I am feeling good about it, and this is what I want to print to paint on.  I wanted to post it in case anyone sees any major flaws that I should fix before printing (which I would like to do soon).  Values are more subtle versions of what I will be painting.

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  1. James,
    This is a much stronger preliminary drawing than in previous projects. That will certainly help you as you render the final art. I like the overall composition, though I think strengthening the value patterns will help you focus more. Don't place high value contrasts where you don't want the viewer to look. Don't be afraid to let other areas blend together in shadow. There are also minor proportion issues to address. The right leg looks too big in comparison to the left. Part of this is due to foreshortening, but I think you need to address that. It could be partly due to camera distortion as well. Make sure your joints and hands are as solid as you can make them also anatomically. The left elbow looks a little tubular.Have fun!


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