Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stephanie Leonard - Project 5 Sketch

Posting this for feedback.  I already think I'm going to add more birds spaced though the treetops...

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  1. Stephanie,

    Overall the dynamic of the composition is good. I agree that distributing a few more birds throughout will help. Right now, the birds seem a bit clumped on the branches. Also, consider that the focus of the image wants to be. What is the narrative? is it about the boy sitting in the trees, or is it about the birds? If it is the boy? make sure that the value and color contrasts are strongest around him. If it is the birds, then you will need to shift accordingly. the scale of the large bird is drawing attention to itself. I would play with different cropping on that bird, or add a couple other parts of large birds cropping off the edge (maybe creating a triangle around the main figure). Cropping an element tels the viewer that it is less important. Anyway, I like the direction, just make adjustments and push it a little further.


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