Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stephanie Leonard - Project 6 Sketching

I've kind of been struggling with this picture, for some reason.  It's an illustration for Artemis Fowl, and the idea is that I want it to look kind of comic-bookish and digital (kind of like a mix between Nathan Fox and Cory Loftis).  What really keeps throwing me off is her pose, and especially her legs.  The perspective is hard for me, and it's hard to find reference for it.  I'm going to keep working at it, but if you have any advice, let me know.  It's still pretty rough, so I'll try to post something better later tonight that might be easier to critique

what i'm working on right now
early comp sketches

a page of my sketches (I'm a messy sketcher :P )


  1. Stephanie, Whenever I need to do a figure falling or in this case, flying. I use a simple trick to get the perspective right. Take your sketch and turn it upside down. Then, using the sketch as a guide, pose your model in the same position ON THE GROUND laying on their back. This blew my mind when I first figured it out, and then I learned that all sorts of other artists have used the same technique. If you have a difficult light source, you will have to use lamps to get the light right, but I usually just pose my model outside on the sidewalk. You can walk around the model or crouch at eye level depending on the angle you need. It works wonders and no suspension wires needed. Good luck!

  2. oh wow, thank you so much!!! I will do that asap, because I swear I'm just going around in circles with this pose XP

  3. it will work- you will be amazed- just think upside down!


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