Saturday, April 13, 2013

Value study

Here's what I've got so far! I plan on designing things like the tiger's stripes a lot better, so that'll happen. Any suggestions would be great. 


  1. Looking good so far. I would like to see a little more careful anatomy on the girl's legs/lap. The tiger is huge, but should still feel like it is resting in the lap. The legs feel bit small, also make sure the foot ankle area is well resolved. It is usually the details in these cases that make the difference. I hope you are planning on a bit more detail and specifics to the trees and landscape. You mentioned the tiger's stripes. I usually try to simplify in these cases, but they still need to feel like they wrap the body and you need enough to give it the "tiger" feel. Consider cropping a little tighter on the figures. It feels a little like things are floating, but that could change if you give the background a bit more attention. Hope that helps!


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