Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Article Descriptions

Thanks again for letting us come to you guys. I'm really excited to see what comes out of it. Attached is a comprehensive file with the articles and blurbs for illustrators to look through for the Summer 2012 issue. Once the art director found out there were several illustrators available she offered some more possible articles. Thanks for helping us out!


Here are some short summaries for the articles for Fall 2012:

Travel Jobs: talks about jobs as an ESL teacher, a cruise ship employee, and an au pair

Car Trip: getting the car ready so that the road trip is smooth. Check tires, battery, belts/hoses and fluid levels; get an oil change; and look for the obvious things like broken windshield wipers, blinkers, headlights, etc.

Music Highway: Explore I-40 running through Tennessee as you journey through the world of music. Focuses on landmarks and important sites in the world of country, rock and roll, and soul music.

Tales from the trip--vacations stories (fall 2012):

1) A couple who went to a nice pizza restaurant in Italy. The woman went to the

restroom. She thought there was a camera watching her use the restroom, so we was nervous. Then

the lights in the bathroom went out. In her searching for a lightswitch, she hit an alarm. The alarm was

ringing through the restaurant, and Italian people were shouting outside her door, trying to tell he how

to turn it off, but the bathroom was dark. She finally found the button to turn off the alarm. She later

learned that the “camera” was actually a motion sensor for the light.

2) A family (at least a mom and daughter) went camping and forgot the tent poles. They slept under the

stars in their sleeping bag. The next day they went into town, and when they returned to their campsite,

someone else had taken it because it looked empty (no tent was set up). The campsite stealers ended

up letting the author and family borrow and extra tent.

3)The author (female) moved to Germany for college and was trying to meet other people her age. She

was invited to play a game in which they write the names of famous people on post-it notes. Then

they put the note on their forehead and other people give clues to help them know the name on their

forehead. The author already struggled with German, but that was compounded by the fact that the

name on her forehead was “Angela Merkel.” She didn’t know who that was, but it turned out to be the

current president of Germany.

Here is the link to the articles in google doc format.

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  1. The art director Bryce got back to me about doing some sketches for the first two articles. He's looking for BEN for the music one though. helloooo, there?


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