Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Call For Illustration!

To all Awesome Senior Illustration Students!

Just got this request from the senior designer of one of the campus magazines and thought I'd pass it along:

Julie Hulet, Senior designer for a travel magazine called Stowaway published here at BYU is looking for illustrators. The magazine is part of a capstone course for the editing minor (English) and right now,it is in the design process. They are looking for illustrators to supplement some of the articles. They would need the illustrations fairly fast but would like to open up the opportunity to whomever would have time or would like the opportunity to be published. 
They need to finalize our designs by Mar 19th so it's a tight deadline. Also, do you have any recommendations for other classes that would be able to produce high-quality illustrations in a short amount of time? 
 Julie Hulet

I do not know what budgets are or if they have a budget, but anyone who wants a published piece, I will give you credit as an in class assignment. I encourage you all to pursue this opportunity at least to see if you are a good fit for their needs. And yes, you are all ready--because you will never truly feel ready anyway- you just have to do it.

Go forth and create!

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