Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kate Hildebrandt, stowaway sketches

Napoleon Brushing his teeth

A boring museum


  1. Kate, I think you could really exaggerate the shortness of Napoleon- maybe make him stubbier and more pear shaped. Also I like the toothbrushing- how it mimics the classic hand in jacket pose you see from Napoleon. in the museum piece, the character feels a little separate from the museum. I might bring him up a little or increase the scale and see if I can realate him tot he museum a little more. Could he be holding something, like a Worlds Most Boring Museum guide book? That might also bring an element more into the large empty space on the stairs- just a thought.

  2. I LOVE that boring museum! Any second, it's going to have a speech bubble saying, "Meh..." coming from the entrance. I know you don't much like stylizing people-- but maybe you could stylize a kind of silhouetted figure standing on the stairs? Or did they not like the small figure on the stairs like what you had in your sketch? Also, Napoleon looks amazing! I think if you make him just a bit more squat like Bro. Newbold said, it'll be a total win. Cheers!


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