Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Call For Illustration-Project Description!

This From Julie at Stowaway Magazine:

Here at Stowaway, we're looking for a few good illustrators. Our magazine is aimed at college-aged young adults interested in travel. We wouldn't be able to pay you, but we do offer publishing in a national-award winning magazine with readers in over 100 countries. (See www.stowawaymag.com for past issues.) But before that, we need to make sure that we'll be a good fit.

To do that, we need to see your work. We're wanting professional-quality illustrations that aren't too edgy; the design concept for our magazine is that of openness and clarity. If you're interested in this opportunity, please email us at stowawaymag@gmail.com with "Illustration Offer" in the subject. In your email, please either include a link to an online portfolio or attach files of your work.

Just so you know, our experience has been that digital illustrations have worked the best with our concept and deadlines. We're not excluding other media by any means, but please contact us if you're interested and are skilled in digital illustrations. After we've reviewed your work we'll contact you as soon as possible to let you know what sort of illustrations we'll need. For example, we'll be needing an illustration for an article on hostels.

This will be a quick turnaround: because this is a semester project, we're going to need the illustrations by March 15th so that we can meet proofing and printing deadlines.

As I stated before, anyone interested in doing this will  get project credit for this assignment.

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